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Frozen Squid

Trina, this kitten probably represents how you feel right now but you are strong and I know you’ll get through this. I am proud of you and I’m sure Jacob is too. We need to find out when those classes are so you can keep your mind busy. I know you miss him but I know you can do this<3

This would be perfect right now.

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Maybe I should put this in my bathroom. Sometimes I wonder why I give a shit about how I look. It will never be good enough anyway.


In Love.

I am over-thinking EVERY small detail. I wish my mind could just relax. I am ┬áreluctant to say what is really on my mind and it’s driving me up the wall.

My name is Kelly. I'm nothing special. I play the alto saxophone and guitar. The more tired I am the better my ideas are. I hope to make something of myself one day. For now, I'm just listening to what every single adult says about life but I'd rather figure it out myself. This probably sounds horrible read out loud but what thoughts don't sound better inside your head?